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Table 2 Types of costs and values used for the calculation of the overall costs of surveillance

From: Evaluating the surveillance for swine dysentery and progressive atrophic rhinitis in closed multiplier herds using scenario tree modelling

Type of costs Costs in CHF (≈ EUR)
Labour costs for PHS vets per visit (visit on average one hour, salary veterinarian 55 CHF/h) Ø 55.00
Travel costs to farm, per visit (0.67 CHF / km, on average 60 km) Ø 40.00
Express delivery of samples to laboratory, per visit 16.00
Laboratory examination, per sample 60.00 (SD) / 20.00 (PAR)
Examination of MF at slaughterhouse, per batch 15.00
Phone calls to check MF, labour costs per call (call on average 15 min., salary of secretary 30 CHF/h) Ø 7.50
  1. Costs are indicated in Swiss Francs (CHF) as equivalent to Euro (EUR). (No extra value in EUR given due to marginal difference to CHF at the time of publication (07.05.2015: 1.037 CHF = 1 EUR); SD = swine dysentery; PAR = progressive atrophic rhinitis; MF = monitored fattening group)