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Table 1 Mean performance of the pigs in the two batches studied

From: Behaviour of fattening pigs fed with liquid feed and dry feed

   Dry feed Wet feed
   (n = 302) (n = 328)
Total turnover time of batch including washing (days) 114 118
Mean day when reaching market weight (days) 100 100
Weight at installation (kg) 19.3 19.3
Carcass weight at slaughter (kg) 85.9 85.4
Meat percentage of carcass (%) 57.6 57.0
Estimated liv weight at slaughtera (kg) 115.1a 114.3a
Weight gained during rearing   95.8 95.0
True daily weight gain (100 days)b (g per day) 958b 950b
Economic daily weight gain (114 and 118 days)c (g per day) 840c 806c
Feed consumed per pig (MJ) 3595 3892
Feed conversion (MJ per kg) 32.8 34.8
  1. aMean carcass weight × 1.34
  2. bMean weight gain / mean age when slaughtered
  3. cMean weight gain / total turnover time including washing and empty period prior to next batch