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Table 3 Schedule for data collection, sampling and other experimental events

From: Influence of spray dried porcine plasma in starter diets associated with a conventional vaccination program on wean to finish performance

Daya Pig age, d Pig weight Starter diet Vaccineb Challengec Blood sampled Nasal swabe
0 21    
3 24     
7 28     
14 35     
21 42      
35 56     
48f 69      
63 84   
78 99     
83g 104      
114 135      
117 138     
145 166      
146h 167     
  1. aDay of experiment
  2. bPigs were injected with either vaccine or saline
  3. cOne pig per pen was inoculated intranasally with PCV2 culture
  4. dBlood samples were collected from two pigs per pen for ELISA analysis for antibodies against PCV2 and MHYO and PCR for PCV2
  5. eNasal swab samples were collected from two pigs per pen for PCR for MHYO
  6. fAll pigs were moved from nursery to grower facility at IRTA on d 48
  7. gAll pigs were moved from grower facility at IRTA to a commercial finishing farm d 83
  8. hCarcass data was recorded d 159 for pigs classified at the abattoir