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Table 2 Numerical results of disease severity (number of pigs per day either acutely or chronically infectious and diseased divided by the number of all pigs per all days in the model, given in per cent) and heat map for 18 different scenarios of a compartmental mathematical model of within-herd transmission of M. hyopneumoniae

From: Modelling the within-herd transmission of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in closed pig herds

  1. Vac (P): vaccination of suckling pigs against M. hyopneumoniae. (N): no vaccination
  2. Acc (P): gilts have contact to living animals during their acclimatisation. (N): no contact to living animals
  3. Suc (P): duration of suckling period is 21 days. (N): suckling period is extended to 28 days
  4. Con (P): growers have no contact to finishing pigs during restocking of compartments. (N): contact between different age groups
  5. Inf (P): pigs do not suffer from co-infections. (N) presence of co-infections
  6. *Severity of disease is defined as the average proportion of days that each pig is acute or chronic infectious during a particular period (e.g. only nursery period. only fattening period or whole life time)