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Table 5 Overview of the different examinations performed on herd B

From: Clinical problems due to encephalomyocarditis virus infections in two pig herds

Date Examination (number of piglets) Main findings
August 2014 Necropsya (7) Multiple small white foci myocardium suggesting EMCV
  Histologya Multifocal, expanded zones with neutrophils often with necrosis of myocardium fibres
  PCR EMCVb Negative
September 2014 Necropsyc (2) Macroscopic view compatible with EMCV
  Histologyc No indicative signs for EMCV
  1. a Animal Health Care Flanders; b Veterinary Agrochemical Research Centre, Brussels; c Ghent University, Department of Pathology, Bacteriology and Poultry Diseases