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Table 1 Comparative performance results for the trial farm, with reference to the production cooperative it belongs to, and to swine producers in the same region (farm's data are in bold)

From: Field efficacy of Porcilis® PCV M Hyo versus a licensed commercially available vaccine and placebo in the prevention of PRDC in pigs on a French farm: a randomized controlled trial

  Study farm, average 2015 performance Average performance of all members of the same cooperative, 2015 Average performance of all producers in Brittany, 2015
Number of pigs produced per sow per year 28.5 24.4 23.2
Number of kg liveweight produced per sow per year 3,439 2,809 2,699
Feed conversion ratio (wean to finish) 2.80 2.81 2.80
Mortality rate (includes condemnation at slaughterhouse) 4.9% 5.9% 6.2%
Normalised ADWG 8–30 kg liveweight (g/d) 505 498 478
Normalised ADWG 30–115 kg liveweight (g/d) 798 799 815