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Table 3 Parameters measured at slaughterhouse, for a subset of each treatment group

From: Field efficacy of Porcilis® PCV M Hyo versus a licensed commercially available vaccine and placebo in the prevention of PRDC in pigs on a French farm: a randomized controlled trial

  Number of lung checks Average lung score (on 55) Frequency of pneumonic lungs (%) Age at slaughter (d) Net carcass weight (kg) Quality premium (€ cent per kg) Income per piga (€/head)
Group CTL 69 5.9a 82.6a 187.1 90.6 13.5 139.6
Group PCVM 55 3.1b 65.5b 184.5 91.6 14.1 141.6
Group ICIM 55 6.3a 85.5a 185.6 91.0 12.3 139.0
p value NC 0.007 0.021 0.162 0.246 0.071 0.082
Test used NA Kruskal-Wallis Pearson Chi-2 Kruskal-Wallis Anova Anova Anova
  1. Values with different letters within the same column present a statistically significant difference
  2. aVaccination cost included
  3. NC not calculated
  4. NA not applicable