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Table 9 Results of the four linear mixed-effects models: with treatment group as explanatory variable and 1) average daily weight gain per pig (ADG) in nursery, 2) ADG in fattening and 3) feed consumption in the fattening as outcome, as well as 4) straw consumption as explanatory variable and feed consumption in fattening as outcome; each model with batch as random effect (random intercept)

From: Provision of straw by a foraging tower –effect on tail biting in weaners and fattening pigs

  Nursery Fattening
Outcome ADG
Fixed effect: Estimate P-value Estimate P-value
 SG (CG = baseline) −19.350 0.113 −16.560 0.301
Random effect: Variance Residual variance Variance Residual variance
 Batch 8345 1117 2720 4030
Outcome feed consumption
Fixed effect:    Estimate P-value
 SG (CG = baseline)    −0.079 0.209
Random effect:    Variance Residual variance
 Batch    0.056 0.030
Fixed effect:    Estimate P-value
 Straw consumption    −0.012 0.143
Random effect:    Variance Residual variance
 Batch    0.022 0.038