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Table 3 Pathotyping and virotyping of E. coli strains isolated during trials at Farms 1 to 5

From: Zinc oxide enriched peat influence Escherichia coli infection related diarrhea, growth rates, serum and tissue zinc levels in Norwegian piglets around weaning: five case herd trials

Farm Pathotype Virotype Fimbriae and toxin prevalence (%)
1 ETEC STa:F5:F41 50.0
LT:STb 12.5
LT:STb:F4 37.5
2 ETEC STa:STb 13.3
STa:STb:F4 13.3
STxA 13.3
STb 46.7
STb:F18 6.7
LT:STb 6.7
3 ETEC F18 100.0
4 ETEC LT:STb:F4 100.0
5 STEC Stx2e:F18 100.0
  1. E. coli isolates from Farms 1 to 5. Pathotypes and virotypes are described. At Farms 1 to 4, the pathotype Enterotoxigenic E. coli (ETEC) was found. At Farm 5, Shiga-toxigenic E. coli (STEC) was present. At Farms 1 to 5, the predominant virotypes detected by multiplex PCR analysis were STa:F5:F41, STb, F18, LT:STb:F4 and Stx2e:F18, respectively