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Table 7 Effect of the Treatment on carcass weight and lean percentage of pigs slaughtered in Trial 2

From: Strategies to improve the growth and homogeneity of growing-finishing pigs: feeder space and feeding management

Item Treatment1   
Specific, Sp Standard, Std SEM P-value
Time2 Time
First Second Third First Second Third Treatment Time Treatment*Time
Number of pigs, n 218 202 110 213 209 96
Body weight*, kg 103.4 109.9 105.0 102,2 107.0 100.6
Carcass weight, kg 82.69c 87.58a 83.76bc 81.93cd 85.22b 80.46d 0.264 0.001 0.001 0.016
Lean tissue, % 63.20b 64.01a 64.46a 63.12b 64.04a 64.46a 0.090 0.927 0.001 0.862
  1. 1Treatment refers to “Group” treatment (G1: Group1 for the Sp treatment or G2: Group 2 for the Std treatment);*Refers to the average BW of the animals in the first, second and third truck
  2. 2The ‘Time’ describes the three trucks that were used to empty the fattening facility as pigs were approaching market BW
  3. a,b,c,d Different superscripts within a row indicate significant differences (P<0.05).