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Table 3 Non exhaustive list of countries having stricter legislation then the EU Directive in relation to tail docking

From: ‘Phasing out pig tail docking in the EU - present state, challenges and possibilities’

Country Legislation stricter than EU Directive
Denmark Stricter legislation regarding rooting material, cooling, solid/drained floors and hospital pens, tail should be docked as little as possible (not more than ½ of the tail), if performed after the 4th day of life, piglets should be given long-lasting analgesia
Estonia Veterinarian has to make the decision
Finland Tail docking is forbidden since 2003, lower legal stocking densities
Germany It is only allowed to tail-dock piglets up to an age of 4 days. If older, it has to be done by a veterinarian with anaesthesia (§5 TierSchutzGesetz). Since 2018, also stricter requirements apply regarding enrichment materials and a guidance to cut maximum 1/3 of the tail
Norway Amputation of tails for medical reasons can only be performed by veterinarians Regulation for Housing of Swine of 2003, using anaesthesia and prolonged analgesia. As a consequence, it is not carried out any more Paragraph 10
Sweden Tail docking is not allowed (SFS 1988:534 Paragraphs 2,4,10)
Switzerland Removed from the list of mutilations that can be performed without anesthesia Animal Protection Ordinance, 2001