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Table 1 ASF notification in domestic pigs and wild boar in the EU since January 2014 until September 2018

From: Epidemiological considerations on African swine fever in Europe 2014–2018

Year Domestic pig holdings Wild boar Countries
2014 40 264 LV, LT, EE, PL
2015 42 1639 LV, LT, EE, PL
2016 48 2300 LV, LT, EE, PL
2017 124 3855 LV, LT, EE, PL, CZ, RO
2018 1123 4024 LV, LT, EE, PL, CZ, RO, HU, BG, BE
TOTAL 1377a 12,082  
  1. aOut of these outbreaks 954 occurred in Romania
  2. Data extracted from the Animal Disease Notification System. Italy/Sardinia is excluded and only cases and outbreaks caused by ASFV genotype II are summarized