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Table 4 Development of Norwegian pig production results from 2007 to 2017

From: A descriptive report of the selenium distribution in tissues from pigs with mulberry heart disease (MHD)

Production trait Age group Year
2007 2017
Average daily weight gain (g/ day) Weaned pigs 489 582
Grower-finisher pigs 955 1018
Feed units per kg gain (FU/ kg) Weaned pigs 1.81 1.71
Grower-finisher pigs 2.74 2.68
Lean meat percentage (%) Grower-finisher pigs 56.50 59.80
  1. The numbers origin from the annual Ingris report, an online tool available for both Norwegian breeding (nucleus and multiplier) herds as well as piglet producing and finisher units. In 2007, 35% of sow farms and 3.1% of finisher farms were represented in the Ingris annual report. In 2017, 54% of sow farms and 12.3% of finisher farms were represented. In the Norwegian pig production system, weaned pigs are between approximately 10 kg LW and 30 kg LW. Grower-finishers are between approximately 30 kg LW and 115 kg LW