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Table 5 OR and p-values of the associations found by univariate logistic regression between the investigated variables and the SIV, APP and M. hyopneumoniae seropositivity in the sampled herds

From: Cross-sectional study of seropositivity, lung lesions and associated risk factors of the main pathogens of Porcine Respiratory Diseases Complex (PRDC) in Goiás, Brazil

Dependent variable Independent variable P OR 95% CI
App weaning Colostrum ingestion aid 0.03 1.04 1.00–1.09
App growing-finishing Empty period between batches in maternity facilities 0.02 0.10 0.02–0.66
App slaughter More than 30 pigs per through in growing-finishing phases 0.03 12.24 1.27–118.35
SIV growing-finishing Cross-fostering 0.04 0.92 0.85–0.99