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Fig. 1

From: Detection of Salmonella-specific antibody in swine oral fluids

Fig. 1

Detection of anti-Salmonella immunoglobulins in swine oral fluids. Oral fluid samples were collected from S. Typhimurium UK-1 challenged pigs (SB377) at the indicated day (D) relative to inoculation. Samples were evaluated for Salmonella SB377-specific IgA, IgG, and IgM antibody in an in-house ELISA. Oral fluid samples are a herd level sample, therefore only a single data point is presented for each collection date. Results from experiment 1 (n = 3 pigs) are presented in panel A and from experiment 2 (n = 14 pigs) in panel B. The horizontal dotted line denotes the limit of detection (LOD) set by the pre-challenge oral fluid samples

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