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Table 1 Field experiment A and B design. In experiment B, the study was conducted in two phases, in which the enrolled animals were split into two treatment groups across phase I or phase II

From: Field evaluation of the safety and compatibility of a combined vaccine against porcine parvovirus 1 and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus in breeding animals

 GroupNStudy day (SD)
Experiment A   072190
A-PRRSV+PPV1297Mixed vaccinea
A-PRRSV297PRRS MLV vaccineb
Experiment BPhase IBI-PRRSV+PPV1118Mixed vaccinePlacebocPPV1 subunit vaccinePRRS MLV vaccine
BI-PPV1120PPV1 subunit vaccinedPRRS MLV vaccinePPV1 subunit vaccinePRRS MLV vaccine
Phase II  201208298 
BII-PRRSV+PPV1138Mixed vaccinePlaceboPRRS MLV vaccine
BII-PPV1145PPV1 subunit vaccinePRRS MLV vaccinePRRS MLV vaccine
  1. aReproCyc® PRRS EU combined with ReproCyc® ParvoFLEX
  2. bReproCyc® PRRS EU
  3. cSodium chloride solution (NaCl; FisioVet®, B Braun VetCare, S.A., Rubí, Spain)
  4. dReproCyc® ParvoFLEX