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Table 2 Categorisation of farms prior to vaccination and respective means of return to oestrus rate after vaccination

From: Reproductive performance of pandemic influenza A virus infected sow herds before and after implementation of a vaccine against the influenza A (H1N1)pdm09 virus

category (range of return to oestrus rate)ndecrease of the return to oestrus rate on n farms (%)mean decrease of the return to oestrus rate by X% (SD)
1 (<  10%)4325 (58.1%)1.56 (1.43)a
2 (≥ 10% - < 20%)6652 (78.8%)4.49 (2.87)b
3 (≥ 20%)2221 (95.5%)10.97 (5.4)c
  1. n = number of farms X = average decrease in the return to oestrus rate in the respective category after immunisation abc groups with different superscripts had significantly different results(p < 0.05)