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Table 1 Lifetime performance and reproductive performance of sows in 143 herds

From: Increased age at first-mating interacting with herd size or herd productivity decreases longevity and lifetime reproductive efficiency of sows in breeding herds

MeasurementsnMeanSEMMedian (Interquartile range)
Age at first-mating147,1942540.11249 (234–273)
 Number of parity at removal147,1944.900.015 (2–7)
 Sow life days147,19410880.921138 (829–1346)
 Herd-life days147,1948340.92882 (575–1096)
 Herd-life piglets born alive135,86568.30.0971 (42–93)
 Herd-life piglets weaned135,86559.90.0864 (38–81)
 Herd-life non-productive days135,86572.00.1556 (33–98)
Reproductive efficiency
 Herd-life annualized piglets weaned135,86525.50.0225 (23–28)
 Sow life annualized piglet weaned135,86518.30.0220 (15–22)