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Table 1 Immunogenicities and protective efficacies of S. suis serotypes 2 and 9 bacterins after prime-boost vaccination of weaning piglets and homologous challenge experiments using the same oil-in-water adjuvant (Emulsigen) [6, 41]

From: A critical review speculating on the protective efficacies of autogenous Streptococcus suis bacterins as used in Europe

Genotype of the bacterin and the challenge strainmrp + epf + sly + cps2-mrp* sly + cps9
MRP-ELISAa,b500 Units5 Units100 Units25 Units
Mean bacterial survival factor in opsonophagocytosis assaysb,c0.41.60.781.18
Pathohistological scored of infected piglets1.253.752.83.8
  1. aUsing rMRP of serotype 2 strain 10 as antigen
  2. bThese assays were conducted with samples collected 2 weeks after the boost vaccination and prior to the experimental infection
  3. cSurvival factors were determined by dividing the number of colony forming units (CFUs) after a 2 h incubation period at 37 °C by the number of CFUs at t = 0
  4. dFor calculation of the pathohistological score the sum of the highest scores of each animal for any of the investigated organs was divided by the number of animals (ω = Σscoremax/nanimals)