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Table 5 Influence on clinical parameters of M. suis status, gestation rank and litter size. A model is built for each outcome. For binary predictors (M. suis status and gestation rank), a positive coefficient indicates that the risk increases if the predictor is true. For Total-Born (TB), a positive coefficient means that the risk increases for each additional piglet

From: Frequency of infection with Mycoplasma suis in gestating sows using qPCR on ten commercial French herds, and impact of the infection on clinical, haematological and biochemical parameters

PCR Pos.Rank 2Rank 3, 4Rank ≥5TB
 DiarrhoeaCoeff−0.12−2.48−3.74− 28.94− 0.02
 Vaginal dischargeCoeff−1.46−0.28− 0.861.080.04