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Table 1 Overview of the feeding mixture

From: Fibre supply for breeding sows and its effects on social behaviour in group-housed sows and performance during lactation

Feed componentsCG (%)FG (%)
Sugar beet pulp15.021.5
Brewer’s yeast2.0
linseed expeller2.0
Grape pomace7.0
Malt germs3.0
Rapeseed meal10.0
Soybean hulls7.0
Soybean meal25.020.1
Vegetable oil1.01.0
Wheat middlings5.0
Wheat bran42.6
Minerals, vitamins and amino acidsa7.410.4
  1. Vitamin Premix 1% (supplied the following per kg of diet: 8850.00 IU of vitamin A, 900.00 IU of vitamin D3, 672 IU of vitamin D 25-hydroxycholecalciferol, 99 mg of vitamin E, 1.88 mg of vitamin B1, 6.50 mg of vitamin B2, 5.38 mg of vitamin B6, 29.75 mg of vitamin B12, 1.07 mg of vitamin K3, 37.50 mg of niacin_amide acid, 16.25 mg of calcium-D-pantothenic acid, 691.24 mg of choline chloride, 0.04 mg of biotin, 2.70 mg of folic acid, 150 mg of Fe, 13.50 mg of Cu, 1.35 mg of I, 67.50 mg of Mn, 100 mg of Zn, 0.30 mg of Se)
  2. a5.0% of calcium carbonate, 1.0% of monocalcium phosphate, 1.0% of sodium chloride, 1% of beet molasses, 0.54% of lysin (HCl), 0.35% of L-threonine, 0.05% of methionine-hydroxy analog