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Table 6 Data of faecal consistency, measured once in the penetrometer PNR6 and tested once sensorially

From: Fibre supply for breeding sows and its effects on social behaviour in group-housed sows and performance during lactation

DateConsistency penetrometer [mm]*Consistency sensoric tested (Score 1–5)**
Day 29 of gestation62.357.32.32.5
Day 71 of gestation80.
Day 107 of gestation63.562.03.03.0
  1. *The values are given in mm for the penetration depth (high value equals soft consistency). The harder the faecal consistency, the lower the value measured in PNR6
  2. ** The sensory tested (st) evaluation from 1 (hard), 3 (physiologically) to 5 (liquid)