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Table 1 Haemotology and clinical chemistry of one affected piglet

From: Thrombocytopenic purpura on an organic farm with pen mating: a case report on the re-emergence of an old disease

HaematologyValueReference valueUnit
Haematocrit [14]0.1622.0–31.0l/l
Erythrocytes [14]2.593.4–4.71012/l
Haemoglobin [14]4464–94g/l
MCV [14]62.160–74fl
MCH [14]17.117–23pg
MCHC [14]276264–309g/l
RDW [14]21.75–54%
Thrombocytes [15]89171.8–833.2109/l
MPV [15]30.67.4–16.5fl
Leukocytes [16]14.0210–22109/l
Normoblasts [16]0.770109/l
Banded neutrophils [16]1.050–1.5109/l
Segmented neutrophils [16]7.991–8.2109/l
Lymphocytes [16]4.006.0–16.0109/l
Monocytes [16]0.770–1109/l
Eosinophils [16]0.000–1.3109/l
Basophils [16]0.000–0.05109/l
Blasts (Zentrallabor, Vetsuisse Bern)0.210109/l
Prothrombin time (PT) [17]18.115.2–17.4sec
Partial Thromboplastin Time (PTT) [17]12.315.5–20.1sec
Sodium [15]14694–150mmol/l
Potassium [15]7.543.6–7.2mmol/l
Chloride [15]10364–106mmol/l
Calcium [15]1.981.70–3.2mmol/l
Phosphorous [15]3.952.3–3.9mmol/l
Magnesium [15]1.470.9–1.5mmol/l
Serum iron [15]5.62–8.5mmol/l
Total protein [15]29.631.0–61.0g/l
Albumin [15]16.823–46g/l
Urea [15]33.520.9–4.9mmol/l
Creatinine [15]13636.0–141.0μmol/l
Bilirubin [15]5.51–22μmol/l
ALAT [16]240–68IU
AP [15]1140160–2119IU
ASAT [15]523–130IU
CK [15]472111–4918.0IU
GLDH [15]30–65IU
LDH (Zentrallabor, Vetsuisse Bern)2178909–2172IU
SDH [16]00–1IU
  1. Values not within the physiological bond are marked in bold