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Table 2 Kinship between individual animals

From: Thrombocytopenic purpura on an organic farm with pen mating: a case report on the re-emergence of an old disease

IID1IID2Proportion of identity by descentKinship
Piglet 1Piglet 20.44Siblings
Piglet 1Sow0.50Child - mother
Piglet 1Boar 10.50Child – father
Piglet 1Boar 20.00Unrelated
Piglet 1Boar 30.00Unrelated
Piglet 2Sow0.51Child – mother
Piglet 2Boar 10.50Child – father
Piglet 2Boar 20.00Unrelated
Piglet 2Boar 30.00Unrelated
SowBoar 10.00Unrelated
SowBoar 20.00Unrelated
SowBoar 30.03Unrelated
Boar 1Boar 20.00Unrelated
Boar 1Boar 30.00Unrelated
Boar 2Boar 30.16Slightly related
  1. The higher the proportion of identity by descent (IBD), the more related are two animals. Identical animals would have an IBD of 1. Close relationships, such as siblings or parent – offspring kinships have a proportion of IBD of about 0.5. As expected, the two piglets and the piglets and the mother show a high portion of IBD. The piglets and boar 1 equally show a high proportion of IBD while they are clearly unrelated to the other two boars (pairings in bold letters)