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Table 3 Univariate linear regression analysis of the time until the first contact [s] (TUFC) and the number of pigs surrounding the observer after 1 min [%] (PPSO) for different animal health-related variables

From: Application of the voluntary human approach test on commercial pig fattening farms: a meaningful tool?

VariableTUFC [s]PPSO [% of pigs per pen]
number of pigs per pen−0.050.0106<  0.0001− 0.300.0842<  0.0001
pigs per usable manipulatable material0.070.00080.27−0.520.0125<  0.0001
pigs per usable drinker−0.180.00910.0002−0.390.0115<  0.0001
Bursa auxiliaris−0.090.0123<  0.0001−0.410.0712<  0.0001
skin lesions−0.110.00120.1654−1.040.0275< 0.0001
ear lesions0.070.00170.1076−0.140.00160.0973
ear substance loss0.050.00300.0302−0.060.00120.1590
tail lesions−0.070.00250.05170.140.00280.0296
tail substance loss−0.060.00100.20510.090.00070.2810
  1. TUFC time [s] until the first contact (touching the observer) of a pig with the person in the pen, PPSO percentage of pigs relative to group size [%] surrounding the observer after 1 min
  2. * study population: 1668 pig groups (pen) from 214 herds