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Table 2 Primary and secondary reagents used for flow cytometry analysis

From: The impact of parturition induction with cloprostenol on immunological parameters in the sow colostrum

Antigen Clone Isotype Flourochrome Labeling strategy Source of primary antibody
Leukocyte staining panel
 CD45 K252 1E4 IgG1 Alexa Fluor 647 Secondary antibodya A generous gift from Dr. K. Haverson, University of Bristol, UK
 CD172α 74–22-15 IgG2b Alexa Fluor 488 Secondary antibodyb WSU Monoclonal Antibody Center
 swc8 MIL3 IgM PE Secondary antibodyc A generous gift from Dr. J.K. Lunney, Animal Parasitology Institute, Beltsville, USA
Lymphocyte subpopulations staining panel
 CD2 PG168A IgG3 Alexa Fluor 488 Secondary antibodyd WSU Monoclonal Antibody Center
 CD3 PPT3 IgG1 PE Zenon labelinge BD Biosciences
 CD4 74–12-4 IgG2b DyLight405 Secondary antibodyf WSU Monoclonal Antibody Center
 CD8α 76–2-11 IgG2a Alexa Fluor 647 Secondary antibodyg WSU Monoclonal Antibody Center
 γδTCR PGBL22A IgG1 PE-TXRD Secondary antibodyh WSU Monoclonal Antibody Center
  1. aGoat anti-Mouse IgG1-Alexa647, Life Technologies
  2. bGoat anti-Mouse IgG2b-Alexa488, Life Technologies
  3. cGoat anti-Mouse IgM- R-Phycoerythrin, Life Technologies
  4. dGoat anti-Mouse IgG3-Alexa488, Life Technologies
  5. eIgG1-R-Phycoerythrin Zenon labeling kit, Life Technologies
  6. fGoat anti-Mouse IgG2b-DyLight405, GeneTex
  7. gGoat anti-Mouse IgG2a-Alexa647, Life Technologies
  8. hGoat anti-Mouse IgG1-PE-TXRD, Life Technologies