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Table 4 System of categorisation of clinical scores in M. hyopneumoniae alone challenge study and in both field studies

From: Evaluation of the clinical efficacy of a water soluble formulation of tylvalosin in the control of enzootic pneumonia associated with Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and Pasteurella multocida in pigs

Score Severity Clinical findings Clinically affected
0 Normal No abnormal respiratory findings No
1 Mild Mildly abnormal character of respiration with or without other mild clinical signs Yes, only if rectal T ≥ 40 °C
2 Moderate Moderately abnormal character of respiration, may have mild depression and noticeable dyspnoea Yes, independently of rectal T
3 Severe Severely abnormal character of respiration, may have moderate depression and pronounced dyspnoea; mouth breathing may be observed. Yes, independently of rectal T
  1. A new clinical case was a healthy in contact pig on Day 0 that met the clinically affected criteria any time after Day 0 up to study end. In the field, a treatment success was a clinically affected pig on Day 0 no longer meeting the criteria on treatment completion and not relapsing up to study end