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Table 4 Histologic findings in stifle joints

From: Lameness in fattening pigs – Mycoplasma hyosynoviae, osteochondropathy and reduced dietary phosphorus level as three influencing factors: a case report

  Pig 1
(female, 45 kg)
Pig 2
(male, 32 kg)
Pig 3
(female, 39 kg)
Femur, articular epiphyseal cartilage   Multifocal pannus formation with demasking of collagen fibers.  
Femur, physis Single cartilage cones. Multifocal cartilage cones, multifocal chondrocyte degeneration and eosinophilic streaks. Multifocal cartilage cones, multifocal chondrocyte degeneration, mild medullary fibrosis.
Stifle joint, synovial membrane Mild to moderate, multifocal to coalescent, lympho-plasmahistiocytic synovialitis. Moderate, fibrinosuppurative, partly lympho-plasma-histiocytic synovialitis. Mild to moderate, multifocal, lympho-plasma-histiocytic synovialitis.