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Table 2 Formulas for Key Predictor Indicators to calculate the impact of PRRS on reproductive performance in breeding herds

From: Effect of PRRSV stability on productive parameters in breeding herds of a swine large integrated group in Spain

Key Predictor Indicator
Calculation from productive parameters
Abortions x 1000 sows (ABTHS) (Nº abortions per week / Nº productive sows) x 1000
Born-Alive rate (BAR) (%) (Nº born-alive piglets per week/
Nº of total born pigletsa per week) x 100
Pre-weaning mortality rate (PWMR) (%) (Nº dead suckling piglets / Nº of total born-alive per week) x 100
Weaned piglets x 1000 sows
(Nº of weaned piglets per week/ Nº productive sows) x 1000
  1. a: total born include still-born, mummified and born-alive