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Table 2 Measures taken to eradicate MRSA in two Norwegian pig herds

From: Findings and measures to eradicate methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus clonal complex 7 spa-type t091 in two Norwegian pig farms: a case report

Measures taken to eradicate MRSA on farm level Farm A Farm B
Depopulation. All pigs slaughtered or culled. X X
Functional pest control programs running X X
The manure was collected by a local entrepreneur and applied on nearby fields before it was incorporated in the topsoil using plough and/or harrow. Tractors and equipment used for this work was washed and disinfected after the work on the case farms. X X
Miscellaneous, like tools, manure scrapes, boots, piglet creep heat lamps, boxes and cans, was removed from all rooms and discarded. X  
Miscellaneous were removed from all rooms and washed and disinfected. Boots and manure scrapes were discarded.   X
Rooms were first soaked in water and then washed using water high-pressure washers to remove most of visible dirt from the floors, inventory, walls and ceilings. X X
Detergent was applied to all surfaces and high-pressure washers was again used to remove the rest of the visible dirt. X X
Internal surfaces were rinsed off with water and standing water in puddles, troughs and manure canals was drained. X X
Rooms were left to dry. If low temperatures and/or high humidity prolonged the time needed for drying, extra heat sources was used to dry the rooms more effectively. X X
All interior dismantled and discarded
-Pen walls
-Piglet creeps
-Feeding system
-Water supply
-Smoke detecting system
-Slatted floors
-Ventilation system
-Indoor roofs with its insulation
The plastic, one-piece pen divider walls were dismantled, and the bottom of the walls were filled in with acryl to prevent organic matter to build up inside the walls.   X
All rooms washed a second time X X
Repaired pen walls were reinstalled   X
New roofs and all new inventory/interior installed X  
All rooms washed a third time X X
All surfaces disinfected using the commercial disinfectant Virocid® according to the manufacturer’s instructions X X
All rooms were disinfected using mobile fogging units dispersing a 1,5% Virocid® solution X X