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Table 2 Macroscopic lung lesions evaluated at slaughter age. Different letters in superscript within a line means p < 0.05

From: Effectiveness of two intramuscular combined vaccines for the control of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and porcine circovirus type 2 in growing pigs: a randomized field trial

  Group A
n = 273
Group B
n = 269
Group C
n = 15
Respiratory condemnations at slaughter 1 3 0
Percentage of EP-compatible lesions * 46%a 51%a 85%b
Mean lung lesion score ** 3.2a 4.2b 11c
Percentage of pigs with extensive EP-compatible lesions* 35.4%a 45.9%b 66.7%c
Percentage of pigs with lung fissures * 10%a 13%a 65%b
Percentage of pigs with pleurisy * 1.5%a 1.5a 30%b
Mean pleurisy score ** 1.8a 2a 2.5b
  1. * These criteria were statistically compared using Fischer test
  2. ** These criteria were statistically compared using Kruskal-Wallis test