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Table.1 Animal-based welfare outcomes recorded during welfare assessment on a commercial farm (

From: Adding value to food chain information: using data on pig welfare and antimicrobial use on-farm to predict meat inspection outcomes

Welfare criteria Outcome Description and scoring procedure
Comfort around lying area Bursitis Presence (1) or absence (0) of inflamed bursae on limb(s)
Absence of injuries Lameness Presence (1) or absence (0) of claudication
Tail lesions Score 0 (no evidence of tail biting) to 4 (total loss of the tail)
Ear lesions Score 0 (intact) to 4 (loss of one or both ears)
Absence of disease Hernia Umbilical or inguinal hernias: small, medium or large in size1
  1. 1 Subjective classification: small (approximately golf-ball size); medium (approximately baseball size); large (approximately melon size) by [19]