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Table 2 Ethogram for observed behavioural elements

From: Preference and possible consumption of provided enrichment and bedding materials and disinfectant powder by growing pigs

Behavioural element Description/definition Source (modified)
Exploring material Exploring the material in the trough, in the area immediately below and approximately 0.3 m (equivalent to the depth of the trough) surrounding the trough for at least 10 s, by rooting, nosing, chewing, sniffing, touching or manipulating with the snout, whilst in a standing or sitting position; if exploring the material is interrupted for 15 s or less the exploratory behaviour still counts as one behavioural element [16, 74]
Lying Lying with eyes open or closed [75]
Sitting Sitting on hind quarters without exploring material, pen equipment or manipulating pen mates [76]
Harmful social behaviour   
Manipulating pen mates Nosing the belly of a pen mate or manipulating or biting the tail, ears or legs of a pen mate while standing or sitting [16]