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Table 2 Clinical variables evaluated in piglets at day 1

From: Killing underweighted low viable newborn piglets: Which health parameters are appropriate to make a decision?

Clinical variable Measuring unit     
Sex Female/male     
Body weight (BW) Kilogram (kg)     
Crown-rump length (CRL) Meter (m)     
Rectal temperature (RT) Centigrade (°C)     
Vitality score (VS) Vitality Criteria Unaffected Mild to moderate Severe  
  Colour of the skin Pink Pale Cyanotic  
  Movement Stable Unstable Unable to stand  
  Abdominal palpation Well filled Moderately filled Empty  
  Overall vitality score VS 0 VS 1 VS 2 VS 3
   No signs of reduced vitality 1 sign of moderately reduced vitality  > 1 sign of moderately reduced vitality  ≥ 1 sign of severely reduced vitality
Intrauterine-growth retardation (IUGR) score Score 0 (no IUGR),1 (mild IUGR), 2 (severe IUGR) based on the criteria     
  Dolphin like head (yes/no)     
  Bulging eyes (yes/no)     
  Wrinkles around nose and eyes (yes/no)