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Table 3 Summary of feed ingredients which did not contain viable PEDV as detected by virus isolation

From: An evaluation of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus survival in individual feed ingredients in the presence or absence of a liquid antimicrobial

Ingredient Mean Mean Mean Mean
Ct/FFU titer Ct/FFU titer Ct/FFU titer Ct/FFU titer
Day1 PI Day 7 PI Day 14 PI Day 30 PI
Corn 23.46/negative 28.08/negative 23.36/negative 21.40/negative
VTM-sow 23.77/negative 23.49/negative 27.37/negative 23.60/negative
VTM-nursery 25.67/negative 27.85/negative 27.18/negative 24.16/negative
VTM-finisher 30.77/negative 27.27/negative 29.71/negative 22.15/negative
Plasma 20.01/negative 21.18/negative 23.74/negative 23.48/negative
Purified plasma 22.08/negative 20.17/negative 20.84/negative 18.97/negative
Intestinal mucosa 19.55/negative 20.13/negative 20.84/negative 23.48/negative
Choline chloride 18.96/negative 19.63/negative 20.32/negative 15.74/negative
Soy oil 35.98/negative 29.93/negative 31.46/negative 31.13/negative
  1. Ingredient: Two 30 g replicates per ingredient
  2. Mean Ct/FFU titer: Mean Ct value and FFU/mL across the 2 samples per ingredient