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Table 3 Mean tubular density and horizontal and vertical diameter of the hoof wall of claws from culled sows that received the ID and the SD

From: Partial substitution, with their chelated complexes, of the inorganic zinc, copper and manganese in sow diets reduced the laminitic lesions in the claws and improved the morphometric characteristics of the hoof horn of sows from three Greek herds

Morphometric characteristic Diet Score 0 Score 1 Score 2
Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone A Zone B Zone C
Tubular density (±Sd) ID 65.18a(±10.27) 61.95a(±7.55) 65.63a(±13.44) 64.38a(±13.44) 61.17a(±12.67) 60.55a(±17.97) 60.55a(±11.93) 57.00a(±12.82) 49.32a(±14.43)
SD 71.94b(±7.67) 65.86b(±6.46) 57.97b(±6.60) 72b(±6.31) 63.08a(±8.35) 54b(±6.95) 56.75a(±12.03) 49.75a(±8.53) 50.63a(±9.98)
Horizontal diameter (±Sd) ID 51.87a(±17.77) 40.30a(±16.21) 39.00a(±12.43) 50.14a(±17.14) 50.00a(±20.00) 40.95a(±13.14) 65.47a(±36.31) 68.10a(±40.18) 40.33a(±12.95)
SD 42.93b(±7.34) 38.11b(±6.43) 31.11b(±5.43) 47.97a(±14.56) 43.98b(±8.14) 31.78b(±6.77) 64.41a(±23.25) 41.92b(±6.87) 32.01b(±5.90)
Vertical diameter (±Sd) ID 17.15a(±5.26) 19.94a(±5.28) 20.34a(±5.00) 16.42a(±4.71) 22.06a(±6.21) 21.10a(±7.61) 20.88a(±11.02) 23.30a(±11.25) 18.86a(±7.72)
SD 11.17b(±2.21) 15.04b(±3.16) 13.79b(±2.86) 15.21b(±3.88) 19.04b(±5.38) 14.47b(±3.91) 17.84a(±4.57) 20.07a(±4.60) 15.60a(±3.95)
  1. The mean tubular density (number of horn tubules per field at × 10 magnification) and the mean horizontal and vertical diameter of horn tubules (in μm), and their standard deviations by wall lesion score and zone, as observed and measured in histologic slices from the wall of the lateral claw of the rear foot of 52 sows that were on diets with inorganic sources of Zn, Cu and Mn (Inorganic Diet: ID) until they were culled at weaning, and of 75 sows, which were on diets with organic sources of Zn, Cu and Mn (Supplemented Diet: SD) for one or two gestations until they were culled at weaning. Slices for morphometric evaluation were selected from the lateral claws of the rear feet because they were most commonly and severely affected. Three zones of morphologically different tubules were identified: Zone A, an outer zone with flattened tubules; Zone B, an intermediate zone with round to oval tubules; and Zone C, an inner zone with tiny horn tubules. Wall score 0 = no lesions; score 1 = bruising or superficial cracks; and score 2 = deep cracks
  2. a,bDifferent lowercase superscript letters indicate significant difference between the ID and SD, for each zone and lesion score separately (P < 0.05; Pearson’s χ2 test)