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Table 4 Results of PRRSV antibody ELISA analysis and PCV2 qPCR in serum at 15th week

From: The use of oral fluids to monitor key pathogens in porcine respiratory disease complex

Farm/Batch PRRSV antibody ELISA (n = 12 pigs per batch) PCV2 qPCR (n = 12 pigs per batch)
A1 Negative (0/12) Negative (0/12)
A2 Negative (0/12) Negative (0/12)
B1 Negative (0/12) Negative (0/12)
B2 Positive (12/12) Inconclusive (4/12; 102.5 to 103.5 PCV2 genome copies/mL, values under the limit of detection)
C1 Positive (12/12) Negative (0/12)
C2 Negative (0/12) Negative (0/12)