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Table 1 Descriptive statistics of general management of 58 Irish farrow-to-finish farms participating in a survey about tail biting in their growing pigs

From: Irish pig farmer’s perceptions and experiences of tail and ear biting

Most common maternal lineLandrace/Large white 60%
Duroc 7%
Hampshire 3%
Unknown* 30%
Most common meat lineDanbred 29%
Duroc 17%
Maxgro 17%
Landrace/Large white 12%
Hampshire 5%
Unknown* 20%
Weaning age (days)28 (±1.8)21–35
Average 1st stage (approximately 0–47 days from weaning) weaners per pen42 (±25)12–134
Average 2nd stage (approximately 47–81 days from weaning) weaners per pen32 (±17)12–100
Average finishers (approximately 81–159 days from weaning) per pen26 (±11)8–60
Percentage kept in mixed sex groups69% 
Percentage kept in same group from weaning34% 
Percentage mixed at all stages66% 
Most common ventilation in first stage weanersNatural 14%
Mechanical 86%
Most common ventilation in second stage weanersNatural 13%
Mechanical 87%
Most common ventilation in finishersNatural 23%
Mechanical 77%
  1. *Unknown refers to cases where the breed was unknown by the producer. In some cases, the genetics company was referred to. When means are presented, they are (±Stdev)