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Table 4 Experimental design of the study

From: Comparison of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and porcine circovirus 2 commercial vaccines efficacy when applied separate or combined under experimental conditions

TreatmentNVaccination ChallengeNecropsy PCV-2Necropsy Mhyo
Left Side of the Neck (volume and route)Right Side of the Neck (volume and route)
NV-NC6PBS (2.5 mL IM)PBSPCV-2 lesion assessmentMhyo lung lesion scoring
NV-C/PCV-215PBS (2.5 mL IM)PCV-2bPCV-2 lesion assessment
VS-C/PCV-215Circovac (0.5 mL IM)Hyogen (2.0 mL IM)PCV-2b
VC-C/PCV-215Circovac + Hyogen (2.5 mL IM RTM)PCV-2b
NV-C/Mhyo15PBS (2.5 mL IM)MhyoMhyo Lung lesion scoring
VS-C/Mhyo15Circovac (0.5 mL IM)Hyogen (2.0 mL IM)Mhyo
VC-C/Mhyo15Circovac + Hyogen (2.5 mL IM RTM)Mhyo
  1. NV-NC Non-vaccinated Non-challenged, NV-C Non-vaccinated-Challenged animals, VS-C Challenged (with PCV2 or Mhyo) Separate vaccination, VC-C (with PCV2 or Mhyo) Combined (RTM) vaccination