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Table 2 Measures taken in the 10 farms that participated in the Brachyspira hyodysenteriae eradication programme

From: Implementation and evaluation of different eradication strategies for Brachyspira hyodysenteriae

  Farm number
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Type of farma gilt rearing FTF sow fattening FTF fattening sow sow fattening fattening
Eradication programme
 Start during the yearb M-J M-J J-A M-J J-A A-M J-A S-O S-O S-O
 Depopulation of animals partial total none total None partial partial partial partial partial
 Min. vacancy (d) of rooms during eradication 28 21 (nursery); 42 (other) 3 (nursery); 10 (sows) 56 3 (fattening) 14 10 21 14 21
 Antimicrobial medication no no yes no yes (except old fattening pigs) no yes yes no no
 Duration of medication (days) NAc NA 30 NA 30 NA 30 42 NA NA
 Antimicrobiald    Tiamulin   Tiamulin   Tiamu-line Tiamulin 28d, lincomycin 14d   
External biosecurity
 Purchase of animals (age in weeks) yes (10) yes (30) no yes (10) No yes (10) no no yes (10) yes (10)
 Temporary stop of animal purchase yes yes NA yes NA yes NA NA yes yes
 Change of origin farm after programme yes no NA no NA no NA NA no no
Internal biosecurity
 Emptying and cleaning manure pits yes yes yes yes no yes yes yes yes yes
 Strict / successful rodent control yes yes no yes no yes yes yes yes no
 Proper cleaning and disinfection yes yes yes yes no yes yes yes yes yes
 Disinfection baths at entry of each barn yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
 Separate equipment for each age group yes yes yes yes no yes yes yes no no
 Separate boots for each age group yes yes no yes no yes yes yes no no
Eradication successful yes yes no yes no no no yes no no
  1. a Gilt rearing: from 10 weeks until pregnancy testing; FTF farrow-to-finish; sow farm: pigs raised until 10 weeks of age
  2. b Months: A-M April–May; M-J May–June; J-A July–August; S-O September–October
  3. c NA Not applicable
  4. d Via feed medication: tiamulin 8–10 mg/ kg BW; lincomycin 15 mg/kg BW
  5. e For 6 months after the programme, breeding gilts prior to insemination were treated with tylvalosin (5 mg/kg BW) via the feed