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Table 1 Chosen indicators and health scores (MOR mortality score, ADG average daily weight gain score, FCR feed conversion ratio score, TF treatment frequency score, RESP respiratory lesions score, EXT exterior lesions score, MANG animal management score, UDD used daily doses, FP finishing pig place) with expert weights

From: Health monitoring of finishing pigs by secondary data use – a longitudinal analysis

Score Indicator Unit Description Expert weightsa
MOR mortality % dead and culled animals -b
ADG average daily gain g liveweight gain per day -b
FCR feed conversion ratio kg/kg feed per unit of liveweight gain -b
TF treatment frequency UDD/FP number of used daily doses per finishing pig places -b
RESP pneumonia % alteration of lung > 10% 5
  pleurisy % alteration of pleura > 10% 5
  pericarditis % alteration of pericardium 4
EXT arthritis % inflammation of joint 3.5
  abscess % abscess 3
  ear lesions % necrosis/inflammation of ear 5
  tail lesions % necrosis/inflammation of tail 5
  dermal alterations % inflammation of skin 4
  bursitis % bursitis with > 5 cm in diameter 2.5
MANG liver milk spots % alteration of liver by milk spots 4.5
  dermal damage % alteration through punch marks 5
  intestinal alteration % inflammation of intestines 1
  whole carcass condemnation % extensive alteration of carcass 1.5
  1. aAdopted by Nienhaus et al. [16]
  2. bNo expert weights needed because of direct implementation to z-scores