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Table 2 Basic assumptions on productivity and additional costs for management and housing interventions tested in the bio-economic model

From: Economic feasibility of interventions targeted at decreasing piglet perinatal and pre-weaning mortality across European countries

Intervention name 1 Description of an intervention Expected effect on mortality reduction (%) Cost of intervention
Perinatal mortality Pre-weaning mortality
Housing interventions
(1) Ventilation Mechanical ventilation in gestation unit 3.8% [16]   Fixed costs up by 1% (own calculations)
(2) Interior Interior design of gestation unit renewed every 12.5 years 2.6% [16, 18]   Fixed costs up by 5% (own calculations and [38])
Management and housing intervention
(3) Assistance Drying and placing piglets close to udder, 3 heating lamps per litter 2.4% [18]   Labor input and fixed costs up by 10 and 0.25%, respectively (own calculations and [39])
Management interventions
(4) Enrichment Oak attached to a chain (3 per pen), straw pellets supplementation 4% [20]   Cost of feed up by 1%, cost of enrichment set at €1.8/sow (own calculations and [40])
(5) Animal-friendly handling Sows experienced music (06.00–18.00) and backscratching (15 s/sow/d) during farrowing and lactation period   3.3% [19, 21] Additional 9 min labor per litter [41]
  1. 1All interventions were assumed to be implemented independently